Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fantasy Island

I'm going to take a brief side street away from my main topic of this blog to fantasize a bit.

The past five months have been very difficult. In addition to experiencing our sixth miscarriage, my husband and I are working very hard to fix up our home so we can sell it quickly and reasonably. This grand plan has turned into three months of having contractors in and out, moving furniture, packing as if we are already moving, taking everything off the walls, and generally driving each other crazy from the stress. I have also taken on additional responsibilities at my already busy full-time job outside of the home and I took a semester-long online master's class in a program that supports my professional career. I've endured multiple tests and a surgery to further explore my fertility issues. My husband is training for the Ironman. Oh, and I've tried to keep my child's life as protected and supported as I can, including nurturing him through a difficult transition to a new preschool.

I'm tired.

So, here's my fantasy. I want to spend no less than one month on a beach on a tropical island (I'm thinking Hawaii, but I'm open to other islands). I want to have a private house that sits in view of the ocean and requires only a brief walk to dip my toes in the water. I want someone else to fix all my meals, including snacks and drinks, and to clean everything up when I am done. I want this person to wash all my clothes, which will consist of only four to five outfits (after all, how much clothing do you need on an island?). This person will wash my clothes, fold them, and put them away for me to wear again. The only thing that I will need to think about is what movie to watch or book to read next.

Anyone is welcome to join me on this island. I have only one condition - you may not require me to make a decision. Of any kind. Period.



Cathi said...

I've had this same fantasy many times, however there is also a bartender in mine!

Thank you for this Blog. It is inspiring and very, very helpful for those of us experiencing a similar journey.

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