Sunday, December 13, 2009


One of the great blessings of the past six years of heartache has been the people I've met. People like Sharon, who was the first person who really understood and who introduced me to Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, for which I am eternally grateful. And Colleen, who has traveled a very similar path as mine, who I find interesting and delightful, and who can make me laugh even in a doctor's waiting room. Like Hope, who I met recently at the Share retreat only briefly, and who made an indelible print on my heart. And there's Christa, a fellow blogger, whom I have never met in person and whose heart has expanded to include me. I'm grateful to Lori, whose healing presence in a difficult moment made it all better. There's Rose, who is one of my biggest fans and I hers. She spurs me on to write and write and write, and I love her for it. There's Cathi, the director of Share, who has dedicated her life to ensuring no family feels alone. She is an inspiration.

I am honored to be touched, however briefly, by each of these women who I probably never would have met had it not been for our shared tragedies. There's no greater gift than friendship. I believe our souls are changed through each of our relationships. I have learned from these women resilience, faith, trust, and the healing power of sharing your most difficult, shameful emotions. Our boat is a difficult one to be in, one nobody willingly joins us in, and I am grateful every day that these women are navigating the turbulent seas with me.


Christa said...

Thank you Cynthia for your kind words. You have been a blessing in my life as well. Your support is much appreciated. I love reading your posts, you write so beautifully. I know we didn't choose this path, but I'm glad we're walking it together :)

The Blue Sparrow said...

I agree! I would be lost without some of the women that Ive met on this road. We all need each others love and support and Im glad that these women have given that to you! *HUGS*

Rose said...

Gosh, Cynthia...thank you for your kind words. I'm glad I inspire you to keep writing because you have so many experiences that anyone who is going through what you are can really relate to, and you write about them so well. Whenever I read the things you have written, it almost always takes me back and makes me wish I had written so much more when I was going through my losses. At the same time, I always nod my head in agreement with you because I SO remember feeling those same things and thinking I must be crazy.

I am glad that you have met so many different women on your journey who have helped you. I can only imagine how healing and validating that must be. You are so right...our lives, our very souls change when we go through something so heartbreaking and profound. It is hard to see the gifts that heartbreak brings, but they are there, even though it sometimes takes many years to see them.

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